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Made With Pride

  • Every month Duncanville ISD celebrates a student, teacher and staff member. These honorees are going above and beyond and are, "Made With Pride" in Duncanville. This month's honorees are:

    1) Teacher - Honoree at Central Elementary is Sherri Hevron (Music teacher, nominated by Sherri Smith)

    • Music teacher at Central.
    • Coordinater for the All City Choir for 10 years and coordinator for the Central Cyclone Choir for 18 years
    • Stays late for students to practice
    • Builds student music skills and appreciation for music
    • Extra - Tutors in math and reading after hours as needed
    • Volunteers time for student performances at PTA meetings
    • Principal Ms. Smith said: “What impresses me about Mrs. Hevron is the number of personal hours after school that she dedicates. I believe the way she sacrifices her own time demonstrates her commitment to the students of Duncanville.”

    2) Staff - Honoree at Central Kitchen  is Virginia Morganfield (Nutrition Services, nominated by Director Donna Woodard-Thomas)

    • Monitors all elementary cafeterias in the district
    • Highly organized and dependable
    • Flexible; fills in as needed
    • Creative; comes up with ways to “work smarter and not harder”
    • Her staff are well trained and able to work in any area of the kitchen
    • At the core – students are always her first priority

    3) Students –Tanessa Smith and Manuel Rogers at Brandenburg Intermediate School (nominated by Principal Dr. Cyprian).

    • Tanessa and Manuel go above and beyond to ensure that Alfredo Cedillo is supported by his peers.
    • 5th grade students
    • Help a visually impaired classmate
    • Carry his backpack when he is in the halls
    • Get his get lunch tray
    • Help him remain organized during the school day
    • Ms. Gadson, a 5th grade teacher, described it as “neat seeing them in action. We are teaching them to be compassionate and to stand up for other people.”
    • Tanessa and Manuel have really embraced that caring spirit.