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  •  Made With Pride In Duncanville - January Honorees





    Gloria Alvarez, a bilingual kindergarten teacher, is the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Teacher selection for the month of January. Ms. Alvarez was nominated by Sheri Lee


     Gloria Alvarez is a strong supporter of the new district bilingual model Gomez and Gomez. She teaches bilingual kindergarten at Merrifield Elementary. She engages her students to speak both Spanish and English. I have witnessed her encouragement to students first hand and the progress that her students show is evident, as they speak in both languages. When her students speak to my students they are able to understand and comprehend in English very well. Mrs. Alvarez has demonstrated the ability to allow the students to be placed in both languages throughout each and every day. I understand that teaching students, in kindergarten, in one languages is not the easiest task to reach full understanding but for Mrs. Alvarez, two languages seem to be a natural process. She is an excellent teacher displaying the love for learning for all. Because of her determination to promote bi-literacy it has encouraged me to teach my students some Spanish so they might be able to talk to Mrs. Alvarez' students at recess or lunch. Mrs. Alvarez is a great leader and a joy to work with.





    Chad Rocker, in maintenance, is the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Staff selection for the month of January. Mr. Rocker was nominated by Kyle Berger.

    Chad oversees district keys as well as other areas. His dedication and attention to detail has made the bond program run extremely smooth in regards to getting keyed.  A large majority of the work in the bond was touching almost every door in the district with new security hardware. Chad has not missed a beat in getting the doors set to our district keys etc.




    Jonathan Campos and Isaiah Vera, are the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Student selections for the month of January. They were nominated by their principal, Mr. Gonzalez

    Jonathan and Isaiah are student leaders in the classroom and top in their class.  An example of their leadership is when the class goes to the computer lab they assist their classmates logging into the computers.  They can CNTRL-ALT- DEL simultaneously, key in symbols with ease, which gets the class focused on instruction minimizing distractions.  Jonathan and Isaiah are always willing to provide assistance when it is needed.  Their teacher, Ms. Voung has expressed that they are a great asset to the classroom.