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    Current Events Outline

    Mrs. Honeysuckle


    Chosen article ___________________



    Possible Questions:   What is your topic? What is the basic problem?  What is its significance? What is at stake? What are the issues?  What might be affected or changed by your topic?


    Write your notes below.


































    Questions:   Who is involved? At what level? Who is affected?  Who will benefit?  Who will be harmed?


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    Questions:  When does your topic occur? When did it begin/end? When must action be taken to deal with it?


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    Questions:  Where does this event occur? Where is its source?

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    Questions:  Why is this topic important?  Why does it matter? Why should others be interested in your topic?  Why did the issue or problem arise?  Why is your topic an issue or problem at all?      Why did the issue or problem develop in the way that it did? 

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    Questions:  How is the issue or problem significant? How can it be addressed? How does it affect people involved? How can it be resolved?


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    Your Opinion

    Question:  What’s your opinion on _______?  What are your views on _______? 
    What do you think about _______?  How do you feel about _______?  
    What would you say about _______?

    Write your notes below.