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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    I am not sure if I should keep my child home from school today. Are there guidelines?

    Glad you asked. For information to help you determine whether your child should come to school to day or stay home, click here.


    My child’s asthma is really bad this morning, should I send him/her to school today?

    Click here for guidelines to help you determine what is best for your child.


    Do the school clinics stock over-the-counter medications such as Tums, Tylenol, Advil and Benadryl?

    No. School clinics do not have any over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications for students except for the few topicals (listed here--link to home page). For information about sending prescription and non-prescription medications to school, click here.


    What is the Texas Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes screening for?

    This screening is required by law for grades 1, 3, 5 and 7. It is a simple screening involving the inspection of the back of the neck. A positive finding requires the student’s height, weight and blood pressure by obtained and BMI calculated. Parents/guardians will be notified if their child is positive. More information about the screening and its implications can be found here.


    Where can my child get a flu shot or other immunizations or vaccinations?

    A list of locations where children who have Medicaid or no insurance can receive low cost vaccinations is hereChildren with CHIPS or private insurance can see their primary care physician for the flu vaccine, required vaccinations and recommended vaccinations.


    My child has a food allergy. What do I need to do to have that food withheld from his lunch?

    Have your physician complete the following form and submit it to the Nutrition Department.

    Food Allergy Nutrition Form - English

    Food Allergy Nutrition Form - Spanish


    If your child will have an Epinephrine Auto-injector at school, the following paperwork will need to be completed by the prescribing physician and signed by the physician and parent.

    Anaphylaxis Management and Treatment Plan


    My student has Type 1 Diabetes. What do I need to provide so that he/she can test at school and receive his/her medication?

    Information about Diabetes management at school can be found here.


    My child will require a special procedure while at school (catheterization/gastric feeding). What does the school require for this to be done?

     Information about special procedures can be found here:


    Where can I find an Athletic Form?

    Athletic forms may be found here. All completed athletic forms are to be submitted to an Athletic Trainer at the Athletic Training office at the high school.


    Is the ozone level too high (temperature too hot/too cold) for my child to play outside today?

    The District monitors weather temperature, humidity and ozone levels to determine if it is safe for students to play outside. Here are the guidelines that the District follows. These guidelines do not apply to Athletics.


    The School Nurse called and said my child has evidence of head lice. What do I need to do?

     Information concerning head lice and the treatment of it can be found here.