The Duncanville ISD Technology Department consists of twenty-two IT professionals that oversee and manage all aspects of DISD technology and provide support for over 15,000 users, over 10,000 devices on network, and over 1400 district phones. Each devices is connected by a newly rebuilt Cisco network infrastructure providing connectivity to over 23 sites district wide.  

The entire Duncanville ISD technology department takes a customer-driven, business-oriented approach to providing technology services to the district each day. Our customers are the students, parents and staff of DISD. Members of the IDEA team strive consistently to ensure that customer needs are met as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Behind the Scenes

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year the IDEA Team ensures that Duncanville ISD technology services are up and running. With backup power generators, automated server shutdown and rebooting, network uptime remains extremely high. In the rare event of a problem, technology personnel respond to system alerts and calls immediately - even in the middle of the night. Much of the hardware and software installs and upgrades are done after hours, during the weekend and often during the summer to minimize interference with school activities.

In-House Service

A majority of our technology services are provided "in-house" rather than being outsourced to third parties or consultants. This provides for more personal service because support personnel become familiar with the staff and facilities. In-house service also allows for greater response time and efficiency in resolving issues.

By utilizing qualified personnel with higher than average technology competencies in a tiered approach, the department is able to provide organized and efficient delivery of technology services across the district.