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Made With Pride

  • Made With Pride in Duncanville

    October 2018

    Student - Jesus Bocanegra, 3rd grader at Hastings Elementary

      Jesus exemplifies all good character traits.  He shows responsibility by always having his homework, doing the best he can on an assignment, and taking ownership of his actions if he does something wrong.  Jesus is always respectful not only to adults but to his fellow students.  He takes on leadership roles for the classroom and is quick to assist any of his classmates.  He also shows integrity in his work and is honest even when he accidently did something wrong.  He can be trusted to complete a request without disclosing information. He is the teacher's helper-a mini teacher and helps students that struggle with Reading. You can always count on Jesus whatever the task is!


    Staff – Stephanie Farmer, Data Quality Specialist in PEIMS

    Ms. Farmer is truly an outstanding, selfless individual. Her dedication to students, the community and Duncanville staff is unparalleled. She goes above and beyond each day to ensure that the many needs that come to her attention are addressed with excellence. She is a mentor to many individuals in the Technology department. She is an extremely hard worker who leads by example.


    Teacher – Marie Irwin, Library Media Specialist at Daniel Intermediate

    Mrs. Irwin has taken initiative with Daniel's literacy focus. She has collaborated with teachers to make a plan to emphasize reading throughout the building/day. One of the first projects was to create "Daniel Reads" posters which highlight Daniel staff reading a book. She had the vision to promote reading by taking staff pictures and creating posters with really unique backgrounds. She has spent time and resources to take pictures and print the posters for display. She is also supporting Daniel readers by allowing students to come to the library before school to listen to audiobooks. She was recently absent, and when a student asked me if the library was open and I replied "no", the student said, "but I need to get another book to read." Her support of Daniel's literacy focus is impacting the campus and creating a positive culture of reading.



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