Ms. Angela James

Phone: 972-708-2418 (conference period is from 9:45 to 10:45)


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree - Accounting Standard Teacher's Certification - Elementary Pre-K through 4th grade

Ms. Angela James


Welcome to 1st grade!


        I'll take a minute to introduce myself.  Strong academic standards have always been a priority in my life. I graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and major in Accounting.  After a career as a CPA for 10 years, I took a 5 year career hiatus to stay home with my children.  I knew then that I wanted to redirect my career toward education. I have been a teacher for 16 years, of which 8 years have been for Duncanville ISD.  This is my 7th year as a 1st grade teacher.

        I have instilled the same love of learning and high academic expectations in my own children. My son is in his 4th year at UT Austin as an Electrical Engineering student, and my daughter is beginning her 2nd year at Texas A&M as a Chemical Engineering student.  Along with teaching, I am passionate about cooking, reading, and animal rescue.  In fact, our family includes four very spoiled rescued/adopted dogs!        

        I truly believe that children can become excellent life-long learners if they mastered the knowledge and skills required from previous grades (the foundation), are taught with a rigorous, thorough, and engaging curriculum in their current grade, and have a strong support system at home.  

        Parental help with homework, reading aloud, and sight word memorization is critical to mastering the substantial quantity of information taught in 1st grade.

        Please know that your child's academic success is of utmost importance to me. I look forward to partnering with you throughout the year to help your child achieve 1st grade learning goals and expectations. 


Hold on 1st will be an exciting ride!






    8:00 – 8:15         Backpacks / Announcements / Supplies


    8:15 – 8:45         Reading – Phonics

                              (spelling lists with decoding and word meaning, phonetic rules,

                               spelling tests, check spelling homework, phonics videos)


    8:45 – 9:15          Reading – Cognitive Strategies

                               (cognitive strategies with anchor chart, comprehension tests, reteach with

                                prior tests, shared read aloud, sight word power point)


    9:15 – 9:45         Reading – Guided  

                               (RTI, small group instruction, individual oral tests - sight words, fluency phrases,

                                word families, DRA)


    9:45 – 10:45      Specials – PE, Music, or Art


    10:50 – 11:20      Lunch


    11:25 – 12:00      Writing and Grammar

                               (Writer’s Workshop, grammar videos, conferencing)


    12:00 – 12:30    Social Studies


    12:30 – 12:45     Math - Critical Thinking

                              (Problem of the day, journaling)


    12:45 – 1:15        Math – Reteach

                              (Review prior day’s lesson, check math homework, question and answer session)


    1:15 – 1:45         Math – Current Lesson

                               (current day’s concept, modeling, journaling, manipulative activities, math videos, independent practice, math tests)


    1:45 – 2:00          Math – Guided

                                (small group instruction, RTI)


    2:00 – 2:15          Outdoor Recess or Indoor Brain Break


    2:15 – 2:45         Science


    2:45 – 3:25        Extended Learning Time (Need based)


    3:25 – 3:30        Dismissal (Daycare to Library, Bus to Cafeteria, Walkers and Car Riders to Gym)