Mr. Blake Udensi

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Degrees and Certifications:

BS Biology/Chemistry

Mr. Blake Udensi

Science is one of the most powerful tools mankind has used to shape our existence. The manipulation and understanding of natural phenomenon, has allowed the human species to enjoy life as we know it. Whether you are brushing your teeth, driving a vehicle, using a cell phone, enjoying a refreshing beverage, surfing the web or traveling the skies, Chemistry is there. This particular branch of Science is extremely fascinating and exciting. By the end of this course, students will have a working knowledge and appreciation for Chemistry!

  • A-Day Schedule                                           B-Day Schedule                                          *Tutorials*

    1- 7:30am-8:28am                                      1- 7:30am-8:28am                     Tutorials are offered daily. Students are encouraged

    2- 8:35am-10:11am                                    5- 8:35am-10:11am                   to come in the morning or afternoons sessions.              

    3- 10:18am-12:18pm                                  6- Conference                             Wednesday is the official tutoring day!

    4- Conference                                             7- 12:25pm-1:55pm

    8- 2:02pm-3pm                                           8 -2:02pm-3pm