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    Thank You Volunteers

    7747 Volunteer Hours Total for

    2017-2018 School Year!

    The challenge was 5,000 volunteer hours.

    Parents: We invite you to apply to become a Campus Volunteer. Go to www.duncanvilleisd.org/jobs and select "volunteer" to complete the new application. 



    Perfect Attendance

    1st Semester A Honor Roll

    9th graders - 36 students

    10th graders - 58 students

    11th graders - 28 students

    12th graders - 45 students

    1st Semester A/B Honor Roll

    9th graders - 224 students

    10th graders - 319 students

    11th graders - 292 students

    12th graders - 240 studetns

    1st Semester Perfect Attendance - 159 students


    Duncanville High School Employee of the Month

    May 2018

    Congratulations to all!

    Nurse/Librarian  - Judy Warren

    Counselor – Danielle Prince

    Custodian – Elizabeth Rose

    SpEd – Manuela Diaz-Castro

    Fine Arts – Kristi Beaty

    Security – Jeffrey Simpson

    Paraprofessional – Amy Kile

    Social Studies – Dianne Williams

    Science – Candace Hawkins & Jill Chambers

    Math – Stacie Cannon

    CTE – Tim Odom

    English – Scott Wood

    PE – Lyn Evans

    LOTE – Christina Tornero-Burcie

    Administrator – Rahien Williams