Mr. Young Fan

Phone: 972-708-6589


Degrees and Certifications:

Master's Degree in Computer Science Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics Certification: Math 8-12

Mr. Young Fan


I was born in P.R. China and had my bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics at Heilongjiang University of China. I also had my Master’s degree in Computer Science at UHCL when I was in Houston.

I have two children. My son was born in China. He graduated from UT Austin and is teaching biology in Houston area. My daughter was born in Houston and now is a 10th grader.

I had taught college math for 8 years at Qiqihar University of my hometown before I moved to the US in 1997. This is my second year to teach math in DHS. Last year I taught Geometry and I will teach both Algebra 2 and Precalculus this year.

Class Schedule

07:30 - 08:28          First Period (A/B)

08:35 - 10:11          Second (A)/Fifth (Planning) Period  (B)

10:48 - 12:18          Third (A)/Sixth Period (B) --- (A lunch: 10: 18/10:48)

12:25 - 13:55          Fourth Period (Planning)  (A)/Seventh Period (B)

14:02 - 15:00          Eighth Period (A/B)

Tutoring Hours

15:00 - 16:00        Mon. - Fri.  (B258)

Syllabus for Algebra 2

Syllabus for PreCalculus