• Duncanville ISD Senior Leadership Team

    Dr. Marc Smith, Superintendent of Schools  
    Dr. Marc Smith, Superintendent
    The Superintendent serves as the school district's instructional leader and CEO, overseeing all district programs, operations, and administration.
    Melissa Kates, Chief of Staff
    Melissa Kates, Chief of Staff
    Oversees provides operational assistance by managing special projects and leading key initiatives, resolving complex issues that require executive leadership. Serves as a key strategic planner and adviser to the Superintendent. 
    Dr. Eduardo Hernandez, Chief Academic Officer
    Oversees school leadership and operations support for Acton, Alexander, Fairmeadows, Smith, Brandenburg, Hardin, Byrd, Reed and Summit and divisions including GT, RTI and state & federal programs.
    Dr. Thurston Lamb, Chief of Schools
    Oversees school leadership and operations support for Bilhartz, Central, Hastings, Hyman, Merrifield, Daniel, Kennemer, DHS, PACE and divisions including language acquisition, CTE and 504. 
    Samuel D. Nix, Chief of Schools
    Samuel D. Nix, Chief of School
    Oversees School Leadership, operation support for campuses, and Safety and Security.
    Clint Harper Athletic Director
    Clint Harper, Atletic Director
    Oversees all athletic departments in the district.
    Kathleen Brown,  Assistant Superintendent of Personnel 
    Oversees human resources operations, including Risk Management. 
    Mike Chrietzberg, Assistant Superintendent for Campus Support
    Oversees support divisions including Student Services and Parent Relations, Safety and Security, Health Services, Professional Development and Accountability & Assessment. 
    Andrea Fields, Assistant Superintendent for Operations 
    Oversees all district operations including Maintenance & Custodial, Nutrition Services, Purchasing, Transportation, and Warehouse services.
    Tiara Richard  
    Tiara Richard, Chief Communications Officer
    Oversees the district's Communication and Public Relations efforts including the district website, print and digital publications, video production, social media, community relations, and media relations.
    Chief Financial Officer
    Oversees the district's budget and supervises Business Services, which includes Accounting, Payroll, and Benefits.
    Chief Technology Officer
    Oversees the development, deployment, innovation, and utilization of information technology, instructional technology, and network security to support all district schools and departments.