• Types of Inferences

    Students in all grades struggle with making inferences. This file will provide information on different types of inferences, how the are asked, and show examples. You can read this file to gain a better understanding of what the expectations are for your student so you can better support your child at home.

    Place Value Help

    This lesson shows students how to represent a three digit number using place value blocks.


    Adding and Subtracting on an Open Number Line

    This lesson show students how to add and subtract on an open number line.


    Decomposing Numbers with Place Value

    This lesson shows students how to decompose numbers using counters.


    Great Decomposing Video

    Please watch for a better understanding of decomposing numbers. This will be very beneficial for students as the year goes on.

    Subtraction Video

    This video will show how to subtract two digit numbers using place value.