Mr. Abinet Tibebu

Phone: 972-707-6585


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A , mathematics M.A , Mathematics( pending) Scondary math 8-12

Mr. Abinet Tibebu


My name is Mr. Abinet Tibebu. I had taught intermediate algebra in California State University and also I have more than ten years of tutoring experience. I have been teaching since 2014 in Duncanville High School . In 2017-2018 school year, I am teaching Geometry and MMA( Math Model Application) classes.  

 In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and two sons.  


I am excited to be your child’s teacher for Geometry and MMA , and am looking forward to a productive year. 

 Teaching philosophy: " Mistakes are proof you are trying". 


Geometry Syllabus 2017-2018 


MMA Syllabus 2018 









             Time                                  A   Day                                                  B-Day                          

     7:30 am  to  8:28am          1st Block Geometry ( Teaching )           1st Block Geometry (Teaching ) 

     8:35am  to  10:11am         2nd Block Geometry( Teaching )           5th block  Geometry ( Teaching) 

     10:11am   to   10:48am       A Lunch                                                   A Lunch ( on lunch ) 

     10:48am  to  12:18pm       3rd Block Geometry (Teaching )           6th  Block Geometry ( Teaching )

     12:18pm  to  01:55 pm      4th  block Geometry ( Teaching )         7th   Block Geometry  ( Teaching ) 

     02:02pm  to  3:00 pm        8th Block Geometry ( Teaching )          8th Block Geometry  ( Teaching ) 



    Tutoring schedule 

      Tuesday       3 pm to 4 pm or by appointment 

      Thursday      3 pm to 4 pm or by appointment