• Boys Soccer

  • Coach Passos Wins Coach of Year Award

    Duncanville High School boys soccer coach Nuno Passos has received the Region I Texas Association of School Coaches (TASCO) Head Coach of the Year award for 2014. Coach Passos received his plaque at the February 6 game against Midlothian High School. This was Coach Passos’ third time to be nominated for the award, and his first time to receive it. 

    The 2013-2014 varsity team ended the season with a 20-2-1 record and was ranked third in Area, fourth in State and 17th in the Nation. The team finished the season with 13 shutouts, allowed only 12 goals and was named the Duncanville Classic Tournament Champions, District Champions, Bi-district Champions, Area Champions and Regional Quarterfinalists.

    Coach Passos has been working with his players over the past five years to raise their grades to help them maintain eligibility to play. He credits this for the team’s success because he has been able to put the best players on the field. “Last year’s team, with the 20-2 record, is the pinnacle of what we have been able to do during the last five years by going from irrelevant to relevant,” Coach Passos said. “It got us an Area ranking, State ranking and a National ranking for the first time in 10 years. I’m very proud of the job the kids and coaches did.” 

    Coach Passos has made a lasting impression on his players, with his passion for the sport and his desire for them to succeed in school and on the field. “Soccer wouldn’t be anything without Coach Passos. He is hard on us, but there are two ways you can take his criticism. One way is to learn from it and work harder, and another way is to listen to him and think you are the worst player and quit,” assistant team captain and senior Eder Falcon said. “Coach Passos is a strong coach, and the soccer program wouldn’t be anything without a strong coach like him."