1st 9 Weeks Objectives

    Math :

    Your student will:

    learn different ways to compose and decompose numbers.

    order and compare numbers to 100,000

    round numbers to the nearest ten thousand

    add and subtract numbers with automaticity 


    Reading and Writing for the 9 Weeks

    Your student will:

    use reading strategies to help comprehend as they read.

    sequence and summarize important events in fiction text.

    infer and draw conclusions about elements of fiction text.

    identify elements such as characters, setting, events, problem, and solution.

    use context to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.

    read grade level text independently, and with appropriate speed, accuracy, and emotion.

    monitor and adjust comprehension before, during, and after reading.


    generate ideas and interest lists for writing.

    learn about the writing process.

    write true stories about important people and events in their lives.

    spell words with complex vowels and consonant blends.

    use proper capitalization and punctuation.

    use proper grammar.

    use neat penmanship.


    Social Studies for the 9 Weeks

    Your student will:

    learn why people form communities.

    how communities meet people's needs.

    compare and contrast different communities.

    learn about urban, suburban, and rural communities.

    learn about the importance of rules and laws in any community.

    learn about characteristics of different communities.


    Science for the 9 Weeks         

    Your student will:

    learn about what it means to be a scientist

    learn that there are many different types of scientists.

    identify how to be safe in a science setting.

    learn about and how to use different scientific tools.

    identify the different forms of matter.

    learn that matter can change states.