2nd Grade Learning Objectives 
    Please Note:   Your child must maintain a reading log.  Reading log and books will be provided.  Students should read the provided books all week and return books each FRIDAY.  Parent, please log your child's 15 minutes of reading each night on the reading log for Monday - Thursday.  Spelling practice lists and games can be located on SpellingCity.com/jshogreen.  Reading logs will count for 1 of your child's reading grades.  Thank you for your cooperation and support! 
    Reading - Reader's Workshop - Non-Fiction and Expository Text with Asking Questions and Inferring
    Writing and Grammar - Writer's Workshop - Procedural/Expository and Research Writing
    Phonics - New Phonics Each Week - See: Spellingcity.com/jshogreen for weekly lists!
    Math -Fractions and Triple Digit Addition and Subtractions
    Science - Weather and Observations
    Social Studies - Using Maps, Identifying Landforms and Landmasses