• Learning Objectives

    Reading ELAR-
    Identify purpose for reading, writing, speaking, and listening
    Examine various genres (fairy tales, lullabies, folktales), themes, and topics
    Spoken words can be written
    Sentences are comprised of words
    Recognize uppercase and lower case letters/sounds 
    Identify rhyming words and non-rhyming words
    Listen and respond to reading aloud
    Engage in conversations orally and writing
    Learn to take turns 
    Explore phonological awareness, phonics, and pint
    Reading moves from left to right and top to bottom 
    Decode vowel-consonant (VC) and consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words
    Identify topics and details in informational text and media
    Use strategies and processes to support comprehension
    Retell or act out main events of reading aloud
    Compose stories 
    Writing numbers 0-9 
    Counting to 100 in order
    Counting backward from 20, at any given number 
    Identify numbers 0-20 at random
    Shapes and colors
    More than, less than, equal to 
    Composing and decomposing 6-10
    Identify sets 0-20 
    Pointing and counting one to one correspondence 
    Matter, shape
    Seasons and weather
    Force and motion 
    5 Senses
    So. Studies-
    Community  Helpers
    Bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, oceans