Text Book:  Mary Wolfe and Burrow, Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

     (2009: G-W Publishing)

    Reference Book:  Blake Mycoskie, Start Something That Matters

    Women Wear Daily Trade Publication

    Foot News Trade Publication

    Beauty Inc. Trade Publication





    1st nine-weeks

    ·          Basic Fashion and Business Concepts

    o   Meaning of Clothing & Fashion

    o   Fashion Movement

    o   Basic Economic Concepts

    o   Substance of Fashion Industry

    Part 1

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4


    2nd nine-weeks

    ·         Textile/Apparel Building Blocks

    o   Textile Fibers and Yarns

    o   Textile Fabrics and Finishes

    ·         Designing and Producing Apparel

    o   Using design in Fashion

    o   Fashion Design Segment

    Part 2

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Part 3

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9


    3rd nine-weeks

    ·         Retail Business Fundamentals

    o   The Retail Segment

    o   Retail Positioning

    o   Retail Merchandise

    ·         Strategies for Retail Success

    o   Communicating Information

    o   Concepts for Successful Selling

    Part 4

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 14

    Part 5

    Chapter 17

    Chapter 18

    4th nine-weeks

    ·         Fashion Promotion

    o   Fashion Promotion Through Advertising

          and the Press

    o   Visual Merchandising

    §  Your Future in the Fashion Industry

    o   Textile and Apparel Careers

    o   Retail Careers

    o   Promotion Careers

    o   Entrepreneurship & Other Fashion-Related Careers


    Part 6

    Chapter 21


    Chapter 22

    Part 8

    Chapter 27

    Chapter 28

    Chapter 29

    Start Something That Matters (TOMS Shoes)