• Broken torte

    Class Rules

    Each student will be expected to:

    • Come to class prepared. (Prepared = with your notebook, textbook(s), writing utensil and completed assignments.)
    • Bring several pens (blue or black only, please) and/or pencils in case one runs out of ink or breaks. Assignments may only be done in blue or black ink.
    • Have no food, gum, candy, beverages, cell phones, or hats in class.
    • Absolutely not talk when the teacher is talking or during a test.
    • Use no profanity or disrespectful behavior in this class.
    • Not use any sexual, racial, or ethnic slurs in or outside of the classroom.
    • Understand that all school rules apply in this class.
    • Do your best even if the end result is not perfect.


    Class Procedures

    • Come to class on time and be ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
    • Sharpen your pencil before class starts. See Class Rule #2.
    • You will be held responsible for all material covered in class whether you are present for the class or not. Please make arrangements to obtain the information you missed. I will not remind you to make up missed work!
    • We will work until the bell rings. The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher does.
    • Bathroom visits are limited to two per month.
    • Cheating will absolutely NOT be tolerated and will result in a zero for the corresponding assignment.
    • Late work will be accepted, but with a penalty. 10 points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late. Work not turned in at the beginning of class will be considered late. Please remember that any grade is better than a zero. Late work is better than no work.
    •  Incomplete work will be accepted and graded as is.