•  Mrs. Honeysuckle

    Fashion Vocabulary Project

    3rd Quarter Due March 18, 2016



                The student will develop a working vocabulary of fashion terms that will enable them to communicate effectively with people who work in the fashion industry.



                You are going to create your own personal fashion dictionary. Each quarter you will receive a list of fashion terms. You must create a page for each term. The page should have the term, the definition of the term, and a picture to illustrate the term. You may draw, trace, or cut and paste the illustrations. You may not print the illustrations from the computer/internet.



                Each word has a point value of 4: one point for the term, one for the definition, one for the picture, and one for neatness and creativity. These terms should be assembled in order, in a binder. You will add to the binder each quarter so you should keep the binder neat and safe. Extra points may be awarded for creativity, so be as creative as you can be!

    51. Cowl Neckline

    52. Crew Neckline

    53. Croc

    54. Cropped Top

    55. Cummerbund

    56. Doc Martens

    57. Dolman Sleeves

    58. Double Breasted

    59. Duffle Coat

    60. Embroidery

    61. Empire Dress

    62. Fake Fur

    63. Fedora

    64. Flounce

    65. French Cuff

    66. Frock Coat

    67. Funnel Neckline

    68. Halter Top

    69. Hoop Earrings

    70. Hip Huggers

    71. Jodhpurs

    72. Jumper Dress

    73. Kelly Bag

    74. Kilt

    75. Kimono