• Thank you for your interest in having a Duncanville ISD Community Kiosk in your business or community location.

    Please review the requirements below.

    Kiosk site placement requirements:

    • Provide – one electrical outlet within four feet of kiosk placement
    • Provide – kiosk placement in public area for usage
    • Business must have proven site or store traffic to justify kiosk placement
    • Business must have at least 40 hours open to the public per week.
    • Business must have an area for Wi-Fi users to access and use the service (tables or other seating area)
    • Provide - general public access to kiosk without restrictions
    • Provide – a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area for kiosk placement in a safe and secure location
    • DISD Kiosk placement agreement must be signed by business owner or landlord of property


    If your location meets the above listed requirements, please fill out the request form HERE

    If you have additional questions, feel free to email us here KIOSK INFO


    A District representative will be in touch soon to visit your site and arrange for KIOSK placement.