• Physical Education Department


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    The beginning of a new school year has arrived.  We welcome you and your child to our physical education program! Hello, I am Coach Harvey, physical education teacher and girls’ basketball/boys’ soccer coach here at Byrd.  I am looking forward to a fantastic year of fitness! This welcome letter addresses my expectations for the physical education classroom.

  • Coach’s Corner
    I have my B.S. in Health and received my M.S. in kinesiology with emphasis in exercise physiology/sport psychology from the University of North Texas.  As a certified personal trainer and fitness advocate, I have spent a major portion of my life being actively involved in sports, exercise science, and health promotion.   It is my pleasure to provide your child with positive physical education learning experience. Each child will be given the opportunity to improve and enhance his/her overall physical development.



    Program Outline
    The physical education program focuses on developing fitness, teaching the fundamental skills of various sports, increasing awareness of the benefits of physical activity, fostering leadership qualities, cooperative learning, and setting the foundation for enjoyment and life-long engagement in physical activity.  A key emphasis of our program is to improve each student’s cardiorespiratory conditioning, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.



    Grading Policy

    Grading system is based on a point system.  A student may earn a possible 100 points per week.  Each day is worth 20 points:

    -  10 pts-participation/effort
    -  10 pts-dressing out completely in proper P.E. uniform.

    In essence, the student’s grade is 50% participation/effort and 50% dressing out.

  • Proper P.E. Uniform

    In keeping with school policy, your child must change into the designated P.E. uniform and participate.  The policy for not dressing out, not dressing out in the complete uniform, or not participating will result in an automatic reduction in the student’s grade.  


    -  Proper Uniform:
    -  Plain Black shorts (knee-length)
    -  Plain Red T-shirt (must have sleeves)
    -  Non-marking athletic shoes

    It is the student’s responsibility to wash and bring back his/her uniform each week.  Students are encouraged to have more than one P.E. uniform set.  However, only one P.E. uniform set is required.  All students are encouraged to bring any hygiene items they may need.



    Medical Exemptions/Parental Notes

    Students may be excused from participation (student will still dress out) in physical education for a valid reason with a note from their physician and/or parents with the following information prior to class:

    -  Date
    -  Parent or Guardian’s signature
    -  Phone Number
    -  Type of excuse (i.e. illness, post illness, injury)
    -  Length of time to be excused from the activity (1, 2, or 3 day)