• Reading: We will work on cognitive strategies with primarily non-fiction text as well as responding to text to improve comprehension of content that is read.  You will continue to see a focus on phonics in order to improve our reading and writing ability.  Students should be reading on a DRA level of 20-24 at this point in the year.

    Writing: We will continue exploring different writing genres, with a focus on expository writing for informational purposes. 

    Math: We are currently working on fractions. Students are working with halves, fourths, and eighths. Feel free to show them fractions all around them (three eights of the pizza is left, etc). After fractions, we will be returning to two and three digit addition and subtraction. There are many apps and websites available to help them practice these in a fun way!

    Science: Students will measure and record weather over time and create a weather report and will explore the water cycle including evaporation, condensation, and precipitation as it is connected to weather conditions. They will observe and record how the moon appears to change its shape during the month and observe and record how the Sun appears to change position at different times of the day. Students will also record and compare how the physical characteristics and behaviors of animals help them meet their basic needs.

    Social Studies: Students will be exploring maps and landforms relevant to their environment.