Ms. Jayme Simlin



    Course Description                                                       

    Human Anatomy and Physiology is a laboratory-based course that investigates the structure and function of the human body. Topics covered will include the basic organization of the body; biochemical composition; and major body systems along with the impact of diseases on certain systems. Students will engage in many topics and competencies related to truly understanding the structure and function of the human body. Working from the topics of basic anatomical terminology to the biochemical composition of the human body, all the way into great detail of each of the major systems of the body, students will learn through reading materials, study guides, unit worksheets, group work, projects, and labs. High levels of achievement will be in effect. Students will be responsible for proper use of lab equipment, lab reports, and projects assigned throughout each unit. One of the goals of this course is to prepare students with the skills necessary to be successful in future science classes in college.

    Course Objectives

    • Students will be able to describe how the human body is studied including the use of specific terminology.
    • Students will be able to identify the levels of study in this field and demonstrate knowledge of how they relate to each other.
    • Students will understand the functions of each organ system and how structure related to function.
    • Students will develop the skills of scientific inquiry while learning concepts in the classroom, lab, and field.
    • Students will understand how biological and social concepts related to the content apply to their everyday lives and develop an increased knowledge of these concepts.


    Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-3:30—I will stay longer if you show up between 3:00-3:30 and need more time Other times available upon request absolutely NO Tuesdays or Thursdays



    Students must keep an organized folder for each System discussed (ie) Respiratory System, Cardiac System etc.  Note taking is still the primary means of sorting, organizing, and processing important material and an important tool in medicine. Therefore, you will be introduced to my own personal style of note taking I used while in college. You will need to have access to a printer where you can print off any necessary power point slides and you will also need to have plain white computer paper in case the lecture is “Draw it To Learn it” based.  Lessons on how to put the folders together will be presented during the first week of school. Please be advised now that my classroom will be mainly flipped so most of my lectures will be online and no longer than 15 minutes each. You can gain access to these lectures at the class website www.schoology.com the access code is ______________________ for your class. You will need this code to log on.

    Contact Information

                Instructor: Jayme Simlin, BS, MS, EMT-B

                    Class Room: B221

                    Email: jayme.simlin@duncanvilleisd.org

                    Office: (972)708-6925

    BYOD (Bring your own Device):

    Understanding that in order to compete in an increasingly technological society, students should be permitted to use the newest electronic devices that allow them to increase learning, the teachers of this course strongly support the initiative to allow students to bring electronic devices into the classroom. Our course is flipped so you will need to have access to a device where you can watch the lectures. All electronic devices except gaming devices will be allowed for personal use. Students however are not obliged to use them in class. Grades are not based on whether or not technology was used. If students use devices they should abide by the classroom expectations about proper use of these learning tools. See these expectations at the end of this syllabus.


    Course Materials  

    Plain white computer paper for Class Notes                                        (8)3 ring pocketed folders

    Pencils/Pens                                                                                                      (1) Boxes of Tissue         

    Colored Pencils*                                                                                              Dissecting Gloves

    Glue Stick or Elmer’s glue*                                                                          Expo Markers*

    Crayola Markers*                                                                                            Large Sharpie Markers*

    * Not required for class. Teacher will provide extra credit to the 1st exam for students who bring (3) out of the 5 starred items listed

    Course Policies

    Classroom Rules/Expectations are the same as on the schools website


    If you miss a class, check the class website page (to be announced), as soon as you return to school. You are responsible for copying any notes that were taken in class during your absence from a classmate.  In the event you are absent for an exam, you are responsible for rescheduling a makeup exam the day you return to school before or after class. 




    Weeks 1 - 2

    Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

    Weeks 3 - 4

    Cells and Tissues

    Week 5-6

    Integumentary System


    EXAM #1

    Weeks 7

    Bones as a Living Tissues

    Weeks 8 – 9

    The Axial Skeleton & Appendicular Skeleton

    Weeks 10 - 12

    Joints & Common Injuries


    EXAM #2 and Practical #1

    Week 13

    Categories of Muscle Tissues

    Weeks 14 – 15

    The Major Skeletal Muscles

    Weeks 16 – 17

    Skeletal Muscle Action & Common Muscle Injuries


    EXAM #3

    Weeks 18

    Overview of the Nervous System

    Weeks 19 - 20

    Functional Anatomy of the Central Nervous System

    Weeks 21

    Functional Anatomy of the Peripheral Nervous System

    Weeks 22-23

    Sensory Nervous System (eyes, ears, nose)


    EXAM #4 and Practical #2


    No classes Winter Break

    Weeks 24

    Functions and Control of the Endocrine System

    Weeks 25-26

    Major Endocrine Organs

    Week 27

    Endocrine Disorders and Diseases


    EXAM #5

    Week 28

    Blood and Blood Types

    Week 29-31

    Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology

    Week 32

    Blood Pressure


    EXAM #6 and Practical #3

    Week 33

    Lymphatic System and Common Lymph Nodes

    Week 34

    Innate Immune System

    Week 35

    Adaptive Immune System

    Week 36-37

    The Respiratory System

    Week 38-39

    Digestive System


    EXAM #7

    Week 40

    Urinary System

    Week 41

    Male Reproductive System

    Week 42

    Female Reproductive System


    EXAM #8 and Practical

    Grading Criteria

    (__)Class Assignments/Homework                          ____

    (8) Folders                                                                          600

    (__)Quizzes/bell ringers                                                               ____

    (__) Lab Assignments                                                    300

    (8) Exams                                                                            ____

    TOTAL POINTS                                                                   ____



    Students are invited to join HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). HOSA participates in community outreach projects, health awareness issues, and regional competitions (which are great fun!). HOSA offers many thousands of dollars in scholarships and offers the student excellent leadership opportunities. It is YOUR professional organization. Ask Ms. Lewis for more details.


    All students and their parents must read this information.

    Please sign and date this sheet as an acknowledgement of these policies and procedures.

    This sheet must be turned in to me and the first two sheets must be kept in the front of the student’s binder throughout the year.

    I have read the syllabus for Human Anatomy and Physiology and the Class Rules and Procedures. I am aware of all rules and requirements for this class.

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