• Rolling Deadline- Late work is due at the BEGINNING of the block the next time student comes to class. 

    It is not accepted throughout the day or throughout the period.

    AFTER the deadline:

    1st class block late-   15pt deduction*

    2nd class block late-  30pt deduction*

    3rd class block late-   55pt deduction*

    Not turned in = a grade of 20

    *Contingent on the work turned in is 100% accurate and if not the grade begins with deduction.

    Re-do of a class assignment or quiz/test where mastery has not been demonstrated:
    Students may re-do work if there was a lack of understanding for a maximum grade of 70%.
    • Next class day (If it’s an assignment to correct.)

    • Next teacher office hours (If it’s a test, quiz, or anything that must be proctored.)