Re-Test Link 
    For use only when taking a re-test with an approved test proctor in an approved location on DHS campus. 


    • Locate Teacher's website: duncanvilleisd.org --> Schools --> High School --> Teachers --> [Falcon]

    • Under Re-Test link, click “Eduphoria Online Testing”.

    • Log in with your Student ID number and the password.

    • Select the online test available and click Next

    • Answer each question by clicking on the question and selecting the correct answer.
    􀂾 As each question is answered, the icon next to the question will become a pencil.
    􀂾 To navigate between questions, either click the previous and next question buttons at the top, or click on the next question.

    • Click Grade Test and Finish to submit the test.

    *After you click “Grade Test” you cannot go back to the test.  Be sure to check your answers first.