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    Welcome “Class of 2020”


    Algebra I / Pre-AP Algebra I


    Mr. Erskine Hawkins

    Class Websitehttps://www.duncanvilleisd.org/Page/9384

    Email: ehawkins@duncanvilleisd.org   

    Room M110 aka “The Learning Zone”


    Greetings Parents and Students,

    My name is Mr. Erskine Hawkins, and I welcome your champion to my class.  I look forward to this being a great year in my class as we are on the PROWL to success!

    I am starting my 12th year at Duncanville H.S.  I work in the USAF for 21 year working on aircraft.

    I enjoy shopping, challenging and motivating students to be a BETTER THEM, and spending time with my family and friends.  

    My philosophy of teaching is "Wealth if you use it, comes to an end.  Learning if you use it, increases." - Swahili Proverb

    My mission is to inspire more of our students to aspire careers in Engineering, Science and Technology. 



    TEXTBOOK:  Pearson Texas Algebra I © 2016

    E-TEXT and other resources: www.pearsontexas.com

    REMIND NOTIFICATION: Download the APP and input class code

    (To be provided) for HW, CW, and general class reminders.


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Algebra I expands the foundation of K-8 basic understandings of number, operation and quantitative reasoning; patterns, relationships and algebraic thinking.  Exploration of Functions (Linear and Non-Linear), Solving Equations and Inequalities, and problem solving through mathematical experiences. Year at a glance is as follows:

    1ST Nine Weeks:

    Unit 1: Linear Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities (one variable)

    Unit 2: Introduction to Functions

    Unit 3: Investigation of Linear Functions and Inequalities (two variables)

    2nd Nine Weeks

    Unit 4: Application of Linear Functions

    Unit 5: Systems of Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 6: Laws of Exponents, Expressions, and Factoring

    3rd Nine Weeks

    Unit 7: Quadratic Equations, Simplification of Numerical Radical Expressions

    Unit 8: Investigation and Application of Quadratic Functions

    Unit 9: Investigation and Application of Exponential Functions

    4th Nine Weeks

    Unit 10: Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

    Unit 11: Making Connections

    Unit 12: Cost Comparison Analysis

    COURSE EVALUATION:  In accordance with district guidelines, each nine week’s grade will be determined as follows:

    60% of your nine week average will be based on TEKS mastery level achieved on unit tests, HW, daily quizzes, classwork, and other assignments for each standard. 

    40% of your nine week average will be from your mastery of common assessments, three and nine week cumulative assessment and/or District semester exam.

    DAILY QUIZZES/TESTS: Quizzes will be given over HW, lessons presented and activities done during class.  They will serve as checks for understanding to drive instruction.  Students are expected to complete assigned work to ensure success. 

    HOMEWORK: There will be frequent written and online homework assignments on concepts learned during class. If no written HW is assigned students are responsible for reviewing notes nightly. CHAMPions practice skills consistently!

    NON- SUBMITTED WORK:  It is the responsibility of the student to turn work in on time. Late assignments will be accepted, ONLY if a completed NS assignment form is attached with a parent signature the following block an assignment is not submitted. Please refer to Non – Submitted Assignment form on pg. 5 with outlined guidelines.

    ASSIGNMENT IMPROVEMENT:  Please refer to Assignment Improvement form on pg. 5 with outlined guidelines for this opportunity.

    PROJECTS (Pre-AP): Students will be assigned projects periodically to allow chances for independent inquiry. Projects will be counted as test grades.

    ABSENTEE WORK:  It is the student’s responsibility to collect missed work from the assigned file folder.  The student has the same number of days to make up work as he/she was absent.  If a student is going to be out several days, it is highly encouraged to get assignments, by giving me prior notification so I can prepare material so that you will not get behind.  Students are responsible to check the class website for assignments, videos to assist with the topic/s covered during an absence. If a student is absent from class on Mon they should not wait until Wed to get work. If they are at school Tuesday, they are to come by and pick up their missed assignment.  Students are welcome to come in for “Hook Sessions” if they have questions about the missed work.  I do not stop class to give missed work, students are responsible for coming in before or after school if it is not in the assigned file folder.


    “You are CHAMPs!” Refer to CHAMP procedures!

    • Have all materials, supplies, and work for class every day.
    • Be in dress code including ID badge. Failure to be in dress code will result in a referral.
    • Be respectful to others and their belongings.
    • Do your own work – no copying. Cheating will result in no credit received for assignment (0). There will be plenty of time for GROUP COLLABORATION!!
    • Be productive with your time in ALGI by doing ALGI work and staying on task.
    • Technology, anything that requires a battery, may only be used in accordance to district policy.



    • No Students are permitted behind my desk nor remove anything from my desk without permission.
    • Classroom is to remain clean at all times, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!
    • Headings MUST be on all assignments or paper will be discarded. Refer to poster in class (Name, Date, Class Pd/Day... In that Order)
    • Be In your seat with Pencils sharpened and working on “DO NOW” when bell rings.
    • Safe Zone – Be comfortable asking questions without feeling embarrassed.


    • Glue Sticks
    • Pencils, Loose Leaf paper
    • Hand-Held Pencil Sharpener
    • 2 pens
    • Ruler
    • 4-pack of new Duracell AAA batteries
    • 2” Binder for graded papers
    • Spiral for Interactive Math Notebook
    • Colored Pencils/Markers
    • Graph Paper

    OTHER CLASSROOM SUPPLIES (can be stored in class): 

    • Box of Tissue
    • Hand Sanitizer

    Helpful Math WEBSITES:

    TI-84 calculators will be accessible to students in class.  Students are not required to buy calculators but if one is desired for use at home or for use throughout high school and college in math and science courses, the TI-84 Plus or TI-Nspire are recommended.


    CALCULATOR on Phones:

    Android: Go to Playstore: Download Wabbit

    IPhone Users: No free ones known at this time. Computer Option below:

    Calculator Computer Program TI-83 Plus SDK can be downloaded from the TI website:


    TUTORING: “Hook Sessions” are available, do not wait to CATCH the concepts you need. 


    “There are no good reasons for failure, only excuses.”  


    Tuesday/Thursday Evening: 3:10 – 4:00

    Appts can be scheduled if needed with prior notice.

    Students must obtain a pass from their Alg I teacher and are required to sign in/out on provided log.

    *Students may go to any Math instructor for assistance. They are not limited to come to me for tutorials.  I encourage students to get explanations from other teachers, getting another perspective always helps. 




    Bringing your own electronic device (smart phone, tablet, laptop computer, etc....) is encouraged, but will be used for instructional purposes only according to the classroom teacher’s direction.



    “Algebra I Hook Sessions Times and Locations”





    3:10 to 4:00




    3:10 to 4:00




    3:10 to 4:00



    Mon. - Fri

    7:00 to 7:20am

    E. Hawkins


    Mon. & Thurs.

    3:10 to 4:00



    Tues. &Thurs.

    3:10 to 4:00




    3:10 to 4:00



    Wed. & Thurs.

    3:10 to 4:00





    *Non-Submitted Assignment Form                 

    Aim to submit work on time! All work and answers justified for credit.

    Name/Blk: _____________________________________________________________           

    Original Assignment Name and Due date: ______________________________

    Submitted date: ________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                        

    In two complete sentences or more, describe why your assignment was not completed on the original due date.


    Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________      

    Must be completed, signed by parent, and attached to late assignment.  If not completed, signed or attached,      alternate assignment will not be given.

    Any assignment that is turned in late will be penalized as follows: 1 block day late = maximum grade of 70, 2 block days late = maximum grade of 60; after the two block days, the original assignment and an alternate assignment will be given.  A maximum grade of 80 can be obtained if alternate assignment is completed within two (2) block days. Any alternate assignment turned in after two (2) block days from receipt of original assignment will result in no grade change.

    ----------------------------------------------------               Assignment Improvement Form

                            All work and answers justified for credit.


    Name/Blk: _____________________________________________________________

      Original Assignment Name and Due date: _______________________________

    Alternate Assignment Due Date: ________________________________________                                                                          

    In two complete sentences or more, describe how you are going to improve your assignment grade (“Hook Sessions”, teacher websites, Pearson Realize, Think Through Math, parental help, etc.)


    Parent or Student Signature: ___________________________________________     

    Form must be completed, signed by parent/student, and attached to original assignment.  If not returned within two (2) block days, the alternate assignment will not be accepted.

    If the original assignment was turned in on time, a maximum grade of 100 can be obtained.  If the original assignment was turned in late, a maximum grade of 80 can be obtained. Any alternate assignment turned in after two (2) block days from receipt of original assignment will result in no grade change.

    Algebra /Pre-AP Alg I Syllabus – Mr. Hawkins (M109)

    Block: ______

    Please return this acknowledgment page to the teacher by August 30, 2016.


    I have read and understood the course guidelines and grading criteria outlined in syllabus. I can also access it on the class website for reference if needed:

    Student Signature: ______________________________ Date:  __________________

    Parent Signature: _______________________________  Date: __________________

    Parent Email: ____________________________________

    Parent Number (best number to reach you): ______________________

    Does student have access to the internet at home? (Circle one, please)   YES                 NO

    Cellphone with internet access?  YES                     NO

    Questions/Comments for Teacher:
















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