• Career Dream Job Project

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 5/22/2018

    Website to search careers: 


    • My Dream Jobs Worsheet: Due Wednesday, May 23
    • My Dream Jobs Presentation Worksheet: Due Tuesday, May 29
    • Presentations: Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday May 30
      • All presentations done by Wednesday, May 30.
      • Presentation rubric: DREAM JOBS RUBRIC
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  • Career Interest Friday 3/23

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 3/23/2018


    • Copy onto notebook paper your answers. I will supply 1 sheet of notebook paper for you.
    • I will supply 1 sheet of construction paper to make your poster after you show me the notebook paper part is complete.
      • Name on the back of the poster.
      • Poster is due at latest Monday, March 26.
    • Staple your notebook paper to the back of your poster.
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  • College Research/Paying for College Thursday 3/22

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 3/22/2018

    Use this document for links to websites of where to find different scholarships and colleges for their tuition and scholarships.

    Must be signed into Duncanville ISD ClassLink to use and view.


    Assignment is Due: TODAY Thursday 3/22 - Enough classtime has been given to complete if you are using time wisely.

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  • Banks Research - Monday 3/19

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 3/19/2018

    Must sign-in using Duncanville's ClassLink to access the file for the assignment or go to your Google Drive to find the one you started in class.


    Copy and fill out the following information for at least three different banks:

    3 banks = 80%

    4 banks 90%

    5 banks = 100%


    On a separate piece of paper or typed and emailed/shared to me (kchanthaphanh@duncanvilleisd.org).

    Due Today: Wednesday 3/21 - class time has been given Monday to Wednesday to complete.

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  • Week of February 20-23

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 2/19/2018

    Tuesday, February 20
    Lesson - shape of data dristibution

    Videos and notes


    Wednesday, February 21

    Videos and notes

    Thursday February 22
    Review for test on Friday.

    Friday, February 23
    Unit 10 Test

    • mean, median, mode, and range
    • reading different types of graphs: dot plots, histograms, and box plots
    • shapes of data distribution
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  • Week of February 12 - 16 Assignments/Lessons

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 2/13/2018

    Here are the lessons and assignments for any student(s) that have been absent the week of February 12-16.

    Monday, February 12
    Lesson: Mean, median, mode

    Please copy into your notes journal. I am sorry for it being the wrong direction, but I could not get it to be the correct way.

    Mean Median Mode Notes

    Videos and websites with notes to help you learn to calculate mean, median, mode.

    Lessons have been assigned in MobyMax covering mean, median, and mode. The MobyMax lesson grade will be included as a daily grade assignment for the 3rd 9weeks. Students can see it under assignments or just click on math and should be the first lesson for all students.

    Tuesday, February 13
    Lesson: dot plot

    Videos and websites with notes that will go over what is a dot plot and how to read and use them.

    Practice Assignment (dot plot) - creating a dot plot and calculating mode and median

    Weekly Homework (covers mean, median, mode) 3 pages total - Due Friday, February 16 or asap after return from illness.

    1. Mean HW (page 1)
    2. Median, Mode HW (page 2)
    3. Mixed Practice (page 3)

    Wednesday, February 14
    Lesson: Stem-and-Leaf Plot

    Videos and websites with notes that will go over what is a stem-and-leaf plot and how to read and use them.

    Thursday, February 15
    Lesson: histograms and box plots

    Videos and notes on how to read and use histograms and box plots

    Practice Assignment on Box Plots we did in class.

    Friday, February 16

    We will review all the things we learned this week: mean, median, mode, and all the different types of graphs.
    The following lessons are assigned in MobyMax.

    • Summarizing Numerical Data - Mean, Median, Mode
    • Displaying Numerical Data - This lesson goes through the different types of graphs we have learned this week.
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  • 2nd 9weeks Missing Work

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 12/3/2017

    Missing Quizizz Codes - Due Friday, December 8

    • Proportions - 527858
    • Ratios - 371589
    • Fractions, Decimals, Percents - 707156
    • Associative/Communitative - 203468


    Exponents & Order of Operations Quick Check 


    Unit 5 Test Make-Up - Students were given this on Tuesday, November 27 and due on Friday, December 1. Many did not take this oportunity to increase their grade.


    PEMAS Homwork - Given on Monday, November 26 and due Friday, December 1. 24 problems total, we did 5-8 together in class and students had classtime to work additional problems and get help.

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  • Proportions Quizizz

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 11/27/2017

    Any students missing the Proportions Quizizz or did not receive a passing grade may redo by Friday, Dec. 1 at 4pm for a higher grade.

    Code:   375025

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  • Happy Thanksgiving Break

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 11/17/2017 2:00:00 AM

    Grades for our Unit 5 test and 3 weeks assessment will be updated after the Thanksgiving Break. Students have restful break.

    If you did not do or complete the Quizizz in class on Friday, November 17, they need to be completed by Thursday, November 23.

    Quizizz Codes:

    • 941665 - ratios
    • 935334 - fractions, decimals, and percents

    Any student missing the proportions quizizz grade will need to complete this following quizizz.

    • 577890
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  • Monday, 11/6 Quiz

    Posted by Khammay Chanthaphanh on 11/3/2017

    We will be having a quiz on Monday 11/6 over qualitative, quantitative, ratios, units rates, and rates. Students should have lots of notes and practice assignments in their journals to study.


    Quizizz - assigned and given classtime on Friday 11/3 - Due by Monday 11/6 at 8am

    • 755388
    • 003986
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