2014 Bond Closeout

Thank you, Duncanville family! 

Duncanville ISD values continuous improvement while providing all students with the learning environments that foster academic excellence. On November 4, 2014 Duncanville ISD residents embraced the vision of the District by generously approving a $102.545 million bond, and we are excited to announce that Duncanville ISD has completed all of the projects included in the 2014 bond. Duncanville ISD worked diligently to uphold its promises and make good use of taxpayer dollars by completing each of the projects on time and under budget. Duncanville ISD is thankful for the outpouring of support from our community members, staff, parents, and students. Because of you, Duncanville ISD will continue writing success stories, one student at a time!

Thanks to careful financial management paired with purposeful design and project oversight, Duncanville ISD saved approximately $3 million on the 2014 bond projects. These funds have been used to address several additional District needs such as updating AC units, addressing maintenance issues at several facilities, increasing campus safety, and repurposing several District facilities to increase operating efficiencies.



2014 Bond Projects


New, expanded, and repurposed facilities created additional student capacity and replaced aging facilities in order to meet the needs of Duncanville ISD’s growing student population. The 2014 bond addressed two of the Districts aging campuses, Hastings and Acton elementary schools, which were replaced with new facilities. The bond also included the expansion of Kennemer Middle School and Hyman Elementary School.


Approximately $17.6 million in bond funds have been used to expand the District’s technology infrastructure. The data cable systems at several campuses were outdated and no longer capable of transmitting the needed data speeds of today's technology. The District also upgraded phone systems in order to improve communication and increase the safety and security of our students and staff. These technology projects ensured that all classrooms in the District have the same level of access to technology.


Approximately $6 million was allocated to upgrading safety and security features at many of our schools and facilities. These districtwide safety and security upgrades included 99 new card readers as part of the District’s access control systems, updated surveillance systems with 706 new security cameras, as well as upgraded lighting and door hardware.


The 2014 bond also included extensive renovations and expansions at several of Duncanville ISD’s aging facilities. These renovations included ADA compliance features at several schools, along with a new awning, restroom renovations and new drinking fountains. Several fire alarm and PA systems were also replaced in order to provide our students and staff with a safe and secure learning environment. Brandenburg Intermediate School also underwent extensive interior renovations in order to meet the educational design and functionality of our existing Duncanville ISD campuses. The total cost of these projects was approximately $15 million.

​​​​​​​Acton Elementary School

The new Acton Elementary School.

Grand Opening

Lots of smiling faces at the grand opening of the new Hastings Elementary School.

Outdoor Learning

The outdoor learning space at Acton Elementary School.


The 2014 bond included district-wide technology upgrades.


The library at the new Acton Elementary School.

Hastings Elementary

The new Hastings Elementary School.


Students enjoying a science activity at the new STEAM Academy at Kennemer Middle School.


Lots of natural light in the hallways at the new Acton Elementary School.


The beautiful outdoor classroom at the new Hastings Elementary School.