Always a Panther – Alumna Uses Doctor’s Degree to Serve Community

Sheree Guimont often brings stickers along with her stethoscope as she examines patients at her pediatric medical practice. The stickers tend to ease the strain for the kids who sometimes squirm and fuss during their visit.

After graduating from Duncanville High School in 2003, Guimont pursued pediatrics as a way to give back.

“It was always my desire to come back home after I got my doctorate degree and work in my community,” Guimont said.

As a student at Duncanville High School, Guimont was focused on academics, but also spent much of her time in the band hall. She was a drum major during the 2002 marching season when Duncanville won the State Championship.

“I very much think being a part of band has helped me excel,” Guimont said. “I don’t know if it’s because of the music aspect or if it was having something we were working toward, something we were proud of.”

Guimont earned her medical degree at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. She said the discipline and practices she learned while in band applied to how she completed her coursework. Her memories of attending football games and after school practices are still fresh.

“I miss it so much. I miss being in band,” said Guimont, who is now in her early thirties. “I miss being in the 100 degree heat during summer band and all of those things. It was a lot of fun. Every Friday night was amazing and just made life happy.”

Those shared experiences at Duncanville High School are the basis of friendships that have endured time and distance.

“We created very tight bonds, and I’ve kept those friendships my whole life,” Guimont said. We may not talk every day, but we are always going to have that common connection.”