Always a Panther: Two Years After High School, Simpson Moves on to Master's Degree

It seems that Remyton Simpson has always been ahead of her time. When she graduated from Duncanville High School in 2017, she also received an associate degree from Mountain View College.

Remy received a full scholarship to the University of North Texas and now, just two years out of high school, she is preparing to graduate from college with her bachelor’s degree.

“I think high school prepared me to be an adult, to take charge of my education and my life,” Remy said.  

As if working toward a diploma and an associate degree at the same time weren’t enough, Remy also earned her cosmetology license during high school. She believes the skills she learned while enrolled in Duncanville’s Career Technical Education program helped set her apart from other students who interviewed for a competitive summer internship at Mary Kay.

“I can’t believe I got the internship,” Remy said. “They picked me out of all those people.”

Remy will be sending her summer working in Mary Kay’s video production department. It’s a job that could lead to a permanent position.  But as you’d expect, that’s not the only thing Remy is working on.

“Right now I have an idea for a web series,” Remy said. “I want to get funding and produce it and get picked up by a streaming service.”

Remy is also furthering her education. She is applying for a program that would allow her to earn her Master of Documentary Studies at UNT.

Typically, that’s a three year degree plan, but this is Remyton Simpson we’re talking about. She smiled and said, “Of course, I hope to get done early.”