Attendance Matters: Learn the Requirements for Being Counted Present

Attendance in Virtual Learning is not as simple as students raising a hand in class to announce they are present. The process deserves special attention, especially after the technology challenges many faced with the first day or two of school. For the first week of school, students who were unable to log in but communicate with a teacher, principal or counselor will not be penalized.

Going forward, it is important for students and their families to understand the attendance requirements.

Each day, teachers will take attendance in Skyward – where they will mark students as present or absent. There are several ways students are able to qualify as present, and they involve students being engaged on a daily basis to be counted in attendance.

That includes:

-          Interacting with a classroom teacher (live, phone, virtual)

-          Submitting instructional activities or assignments by the 11:59 p.m. deadline each day

-          Engaging with digital learning programs or virtual classroom

The minimum expectation for average daily attendance credit for all grade levels requires meaningful engagement in at least one core subject. However to meet the 90% attendance rule for course credit or grade level promotion PreKindergarten- 6th grade must be meaningfully engaged in all core subjects and 7th-12th grade students must be meaningfully engaged in all scheduled courses.

Each morning, teachers will finalize attendance for the previous day. Students who did not meet the minimum required learning expectations will be marked absent. The requirements outlined here are used only to determine whether a student is considered present and do not indicate whether a student will pass a course or grade.

Information on grading guidelines can be found in the district’s Reopening Plan under Instructional Learning Plan and Grading Guidelines or by clicking here.