Band Makes State Contest Across Four Decades

Congratulations to the Duncanville Marching Band and High Hats for a successful 2018 marching season. The band’s patriotic, inclusive show - ‘For All’ - placed fifth at Area B competition last month allowing Duncanville to qualify for the State Marching Band Contest for the 19th time since 1984.

A total of 41 bands in class 6A competed in the preliminary round of the state competition in San Antonio on Monday, Nov. 5. In crowded field of talent, just 12 bands advanced to the finals round. Duncanville was not one of them.

This year’s program, which featured vocalists and speakers saying the national anthem in different languages, left its impact on the community. Parents and alumni celebrated the talented musicians and dancers on the band’s Facebook page.  

“A big round of applause from your band alumni and hometown fans,” wrote Rachael Garrett-Glazer in a comment on the band’s Facebook page. “You should be no less proud than if you had been awarded first place. Enjoy your moment just the same.”

In another comment, Arenda Moseley said, “Y’all sounded and looked great on the field! Not sure what the judges missed but it was definitely state finals material. So extra proud of all the kids, teachers, directors and parent volunteers!”

In the Duncanville Marching Band and High Hats’ 19 appearances in the State Marching Band Contest since 1984, they achieved 16 trips to Finals and three State Championships in 1986, 1990 and 2002.