Based on the unofficial election results released Saturday night, the Duncanville ISD Tax Ratification Election, or Penny Swap, was approved by voters with 1167 votes in favor and 808 against.

Today, students throughout the district committed to pursue post-secondary opportunities as part of Duncanville Independent School District’s “I Promise” and the Dallas County Promise campaign. The goal of the partnership is to increase student access to a college education by offering free college tuition for graduating seniors.

In addition to sporting college and university T-shirts as part of College Wednesday, teachers have the opportunity to personalize the “I Promise” pledge and start the discussion with students about career and college possibilities after high school graduation.

Kindergartners at Smith Elementary School discussed different careers with their teachers and then made drawings of the careers they chose. The school’s fourth grade students used their critical thinking to write down the steps they’d need to achieve their chosen profession.

Hardin Intermediate School teacher, Virginia Smiley, told her students about her son and grandsons who attended the University of Iowa, University of Kansas, and University of North Texas, respectively. Her students had the chance to wear T-shirts from her family’s alma maters, which she provided.

Mrs. Smiley also told her students that she was a “late bloomer” and earned her college degree after her son and before her grandsons. She said she hopes these stories will instill a belief in her students that they, too, can start their own journeys to higher education.

Her students made the promise to attend college and wrote their choice school on sticky notes to place on the classroom’s “I Promise” board. Choice schools included Texas A&M University, Louisiana State University and Texas Christian University.

Teachers at Reed Middle School shared their personal college experiences, sparking curiosity from their students who asked questions about college life.

Duncanville High School students made the Dallas County Promise pledge all together as part of the morning announcement. Making the promise to go to college is only the first step to pursuing higher education. Later this fall, high school seniors will have the opportunity to apply for Dallas County Promise so that they can go to a Dallas County colleges tuition-free.

This is the first year for Duncanville High School to participate in Dallas County Promise. Every graduating senior in the Class of 2019 will have the opportunity for free college tuition, regardless of income or grade point average. To learn more, go to