Brothers Mow their Way to Small Business Success

This summer, two Duncanville High School seniors cut through 10 cities across the Metroplex mowing about 100 residential properties with their lawn care service company.

Koby and Kory Burel started KRB Lawn Care Service several years ago to make extra money.

“We were in about the 6th grade, and my brother Kory came up with the idea that we wanted to make our own money,” Koby Burel said. “We should probably just go cut yards.”

The twins started mowing a couple of yards with their father’s equipment. After taking business classes, such as Accounting I and II and Entrepreneurship at Duncanville High School, the brothers expanded their company purchasing a business truck, a trailer and mowing commercial mowing equipment. They also hired a couple of employees to help with the busy summer season.

Kory Burel, who deals with the company’s finances, said everything he’s learned in the classroom, like marketing, advertising and accounting has helped their small business.

“Whether it’s from an entrepreneurship class or accounting class, we deal with both front and back end of the business,” Career and Technology Education teacher Erik Wilson said.

Mr. Wilson, who taught both brothers, said because they own a business, the Burels have a rare opportunity with the information they are learning in their classes.

“They’re able to take theory and make it application that same day or the next day,” Wilson said.

The lessons the Burels have learned so far have benefitted their bottom line. During the spring and summer, their income has averaged about $4,500 per month.

The twins use that money to improve and replace equipment and save for college. And they’re already planning an expansion of their small business. In the next two years, their goal is to have five trucks and hire more employees.

The Burel brothers want to encourage others like them who have entrepreneurial ideas or want to start to have a business not to give up.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do,” the brothers said. “Stay focused. Be you.”