Choir Students Sing Perfect Tune

Duncanville High School choir students who made the All-Region and Honor choirs performed last week in the Region 20 choir concert at Dallas Baptist University.

The Duncanville High School Choral Department had 29 students who advanced. Region 20 is a highly competitive district, so being selected for one of the choirs is a great accomplishment.

Three students placed in the top five for their voice part: juniors Aadon Benson, Matthew Merritt and a third student whose name we are not permitted to release. Those students will compete at pre-Area on Tuesday, November 14.

All-District Choir

  • Soprano 2
    • Whitney Lucio
    • Destiney Woods
  • Alto 1
    • Charisma Lacy-Ray
    • Evelyn Ontiveros
    • Lydia Schrag
  • Alto 2
    • Xarielle Nash-Carroll
  • Tenor 1
    • Name withheld for student privacy*
  • Bass 1
    • Danny Lyons III
  • Bass 2
    • Paul Beaty

9th/10th Grade Honor Choir

  • Soprano 1

o    Brianna Villarreal - 8th chair

o    Elizarai Rios - 24th chair

o    Daniela Pedraja - 27th chair

o    Name withheld for student privacy*

  • Soprano 2

o    Name withheld for student privacy*

o    Julie Leggett IV - 8th chair

  • Alto 

o    Name withheld for student privacy*

o    Haylee Jenkins - 9th chair

  • Tenor 1

o    Kevin De La Torre - 4th chair

o    Name withheld for student privacy*

  • Tenor 2

o    Matthew Zuniga - 6th chair

o    Name withheld for student privacy*

o    Nikki Honore - 14th chair

  • Bass 

o    Zachary Simpson - 2nd chair

o    Quinton Prater - 4th chair

o    Name withheld for student privacy*

o    Malcolm Mitchell - 9th chair