Design Student Draws on Experience for T-shirt Logo

When runners line up for the start of the Heart of Duncanville 5k on Saturday morning, Aline Urbina will be watching.

“I’ll probably cry, feeling happiness to see all these people wearing what I have achieved by working hard,” she said.

Aline’s artwork, created in her graphic design class at Duncanville High School, will grace the front of all 1,000 t-shirts printed for the race. Members of the race committee chose Aline’s concept from several submitted by students from the high school.

“It’s unbelievable that I got the opportunity to do something like this,” Urbina said.

Aline has taken on other projects in the past. She created banners for the high school college fair and designed a logo for a café owner.

“I like designing things, and I take projects because I want to build from them and get the experience from them,” Aline said.

Although she has taken design classes throughout her four years in high school, Aline sees her career path leading her somewhere else.

She and her family immigrated to the United States from Mexico when she was in middle school. That experience prompted an interest in working for the government either in immigration or homeland security.

“I would love to help people in general. Diversity is what makes us different,” Aline said. “Every single culture brings something to represent us in America. It’s something we can learn from.”