District Honors Employees Who Exemplify ‘Spirit of a Champion’ for 2018

Each year, Duncanville Independent School District selects employees who demonstrate expertise and leadership for the betterment of our students and district. These individuals were chosen by the award committee because they are standouts, who deserve to be honored alongside the district Teachers of the Year.  

Angel Cabrera is a lead custodian at Duncanville High School. His co-workers chose him as their Spirit of a Champion Award winner because he is appreciated and respected for the quality of work he performs. Angel worked at Byrd Middle School for several years and recently relocated to Duncanville High School. His Byrd family was upset to lose him – describing him as family and a vital part of the school. At DHS, Angel has continued the same high level of leadership. He has a passion for students and staff and he is now considered a member of the DHS family.

Lisa Felton is a PEIMS Specialist who works in the Technology Department. Her job, managing the student and staff information system, is critical to keeping the district’s functions moving. Lisa is dependable, professional and a vital resource especially during times of turnover in leadership in her department. Lisa’s coworkers appreciate her ability to take complex issues and simplifying them for fellow employees and community members.

Amy Kile is the secretary for the Duncanville High School Executive Principal. Amy is a calm force who smiles through the stress of dealing with urgent deadlines of a high school the size of DHS. Her job entails scheduling events, answering calls, sending communications for the high school and supporting the needs of her principal and staff. She handles all of it with kindness and patience. Amy Kile’s coworkers described her as one of those district employees people want to work with.

Shalontae Payne is the Director of Career and Technical Education. Shalontae has always worked hard to make Duncanville High School’s Career and Technical Education a premier program that others turn to for guidance. DHS has consistently had more pathways of study than most schools due to Shalontae’s diligence. She is an advocate for student opportunities in internships, practicum and dual credit classes. Because of the program’s success at the high school, Shalontae is now tasked with growing CTE even further into our elementary, intermediate and middle school programs.