District’s Safest Schools, Departments Recognized

Duncanville ISD's Risk Management Department recently awarded the 2016-2017 Top Safest Schools and auxiliary departments for their success in preventing or reducing injuries. Schools and departments were ranked based on the number of claims they filed and the financial impact to the district.

Each school and department listed below received a monetary donation to be used for the purchase of safety and wellness items.

Safest Schools
First place (tie) $500 each
– Acton Elementary School, Kyalla Bowens- Principal; Candice Edwards- Safety Resource Person
– Central Elementary School, Sherri Smith- Principal; Eloisa Vela- Safety Resource Person

Second place (tie) $350 each
– Summit Education Center, Dwight Weaver- Principal; Shanequa King- Safety Resource Person
– PACE High School, Keith Butcher- Principal; Eva Simeck- Safety Resource Person

Third place (tie) $150 each
– Byrd Middle School, Kendria Davis-Martin- Principal; Tish Wills- Safety Resource Person
– Merrifield Elementary School, Tanji Towels- Principal; Chris Clowdus- Safety Resource Person

Safest Auxiliary Departments
Large Auxiliary Department $350 – Nutrition, Donna Thomas- Director; Maria Corpas- Safety Resource Person
Small Auxiliary Department $150 – Purchasing/Warehouse, Christi Courson- Director; Julie Karonka- Safety Resource Person