Graduate Gets Head Start on Career

Charity Brown has only been out of high school for two years, but at the age of 19, she is preparing to graduate  from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in Speech and Language Pathology.

In just two months, she is scheduled to walk across the stage and receive her college diploma. At the same time, Charity is already gaining experience for her first job while working as a substitute at her alma mater – Duncanville High School.

“I’m hoping Duncanville will hire me,” Charity said. “That’s why I’ve been subbing so they can see my work. They knew me as a student, but not as a teacher.”

Charity set her goals high when she started high school. She wanted to graduate with her diploma and her associate degree along with completing the necessary prerequisites toward her college major.

Her teachers and counselors at DHS helped her match the specific courses she needed at Texas Woman’s University with qualifying classes through the district’s dual credit program at Mountain View College.

“The teachers are easy going and they work with you,” Charity said. “I wasn’t a regular student. I had specific needs, but they were able to accommodate me.”

Charity went to school year-round to complete more than 50 hours of dual credit courses. She took her normal high school classes plus courses at Mountain View College during the school year and the summer.

The extra effort allowed Charity to enter TWU as a junior with half of her course work complete, and she says it didn’t detract from her high school experience. She still found time to attend sports events as a varsity cheerleader and to participate in other school activities.

“I loved Duncanville,” Charity said. “Even though it was a large school, I still felt that close feeling because the teachers are all so warm-hearted.”