Graduating Senior Applies for 70 Scholarships, Funds First Year of College

Carlynn Greene is proof that persistence pays off. During the past six months, the Duncanville High School senior has applied for more than 70 scholarships. To keep track of them, she had to create a spreadsheet.

Carlynn is being rewarded for her hard work and dedication. She already knows she will receive 16 of the scholarships she applied for. The nearly $30,000 will more than pay for her freshman year at The University of North Texas. Carlynn says she’s still waiting to hear back from many of the organizations where she applied. She’s expecting their responses by the end of June.

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a lot more,” Carlynn said.

Carlynn says many of her friends applied for just a handful of scholarships, passing over many because the awards were too small.

“I used to think that, but they add up over time,” Carlynn said.

With $30,000 in her ‘plus’ column, Carlynn is proof of that.