Made with Pride in Duncanville Honorees for December

Each month, Duncanville ISD recognizes a student, teacher and staff member who exemplify what it means to be “Made with Pride in Duncanville.” All three honorees receive a special gift, surprise visit from district leaders and are featured in a video. They are also invited to attend the Duncanville ISD board meeting where they are recognized before the Board of Trustees.  

This month’s Made with Pride in Duncanville honorees include student, Jariah Cole; teacher, Claudia Ruiz; and staff, Lola Rodriguez.

Jariah Cole is a senior at Duncanville High School and is a leader among her peers. She has been a part of the Youth and Government program for the past 5 years, the last 2 serving as president. Jariah organized a registration drive for her classmates who were qualified to vote. When mid-term elections occurred in November, she worked with the Youth and Government sponsor to organize a field trip to the polls so students could cast their ballots. The event was called “Panthers at the Polls.” Jariah has demonstrated democracy in action.

Claudia Ruiz is a bilingual teacher at Brandenburg Intermediate School. She greets her students every morning with a smile and high fives. With Ms. Ruiz’s personal greetings and the care she shows, her students feel valued and important. They know that their teacher is happy to see them each day. Mrs. Ruiz has volunteered to help with the robotics club where she encourages students to use their higher order thinking skills. Mrs. Ruiz also meets with a group of students after school to teach them how to crochet. They plan to donate the items that they make to those in need. The students are not only learning a skill that will be useful to them, they are learning to serve others as well. Mrs. Ruiz is a great example of kindness and a giving spirit.

Lola Rodriguez is an Executive Secretary at the Duncanville ISD Education Plaza. She is truly a servant leader. Her willingness to support and serve others is apparent to anyone who has been around her.  It is difficult to count all the times that Ms. Rodriguez has stopped what she was doing to lend a hand to others. If she sees someone at the copier struggling, she will stop to help. If someone is needed to fill a vacancy at the front desk, Ms. Rodriguez graciously steps up. The fact that she notices when people around her need help is a true testament to her servant heart. We are grateful to Ms. Rodriguez for her commitment, empathy and calm spirit. Her dedication makes us all better.