Media Class Leads to Lifelong Career

When Jonathan Hollon returned to Duncanville High School this month to broadcast the CBS 11 High School Pep Rally, it was more than just another day on the job.

“It’s like going home,” Mr. Hollon said. “When I come back, I remember what I did in high school. Those are things you don’t forget.”

This was the second year that CBS 11 came to Duncanville High School to broadcast its pep rally during the early morning newscast. Mr. Hollon and another engineer ran the satellite trucks that beamed back the signal from the Sandra Meadows Arena as the band, cheerleaders and other groups were featured. Hollon says the event is one of the highlights of his year.

“Just being able to come back, the people here are kind-hearted and really loving,” Hollon said.

After graduating from Duncanville High School in 1998, Mr. Hollon studied media technology at Tarrant County College. He got hired at CBS 11 and worked his way up to his current position of maintenance engineer after working for several years running a live truck for news broadcasts.

Mr. Hollon’s interest in live television broadcasting began after he transferred to Duncanville High School his junior year.

“A counselor suggested I do media technology. I jumped into it and I learned a lot and had a lot of fun,” Mr. Hollon said.

During high school, Mr. Hollon and his classmates ran the equipment that broadcast video and graphics on the scoreboard during football games. He remembers the instructor, Nancy Noyes, with great fondness.

“She was fantastic,” Mr. Hollon said. “She treated us like her own kids. She taught us everything she knew. She connected us with people she knew in the broadcast industry.

I think what made Duncanville High School great was the vocational programs that the school had. You had opportunities like media tech and auto body shop, cosmetology and the culinary program. There were things you could get involved in during your high school education.”

For Mr. Hollon, that high school class led to a career in television – one that sometimes allows him to come home.