Middle School Teacher Zooms Ahead with Online Learning

Jouet Daniels had no idea the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was coming, but she was already prepared.

Last year, to help her students prepare to take the state’s standardized STAAR test,  the seventh grade English teacher began hosting study sessions on the Zoom video conferencing application.

The result? Her students had an 88 percent passing rate and 30 percent mastery - the highest scores for sixth graders in the entire district.

Ms. Daniels expanded her online sessions this year to include evening and weekend tutoring for students who need extra help with class work.

“It has helped with their progress especially for students who need tutorials,” Ms. Daniels said. “It has increased their confidence and helps to reinforce skills we have gone over in class.”

While the education world is scrambling to transition to online learning in response to coronavirus, Ms. Daniels has already established her virtual presence. Her students and their parents know how to reach her.

“I want my kids to still be diligent and understand that just because we’re having these difficulties now, we should stay engaged and get the education we need,” Ms. Daniels said.

Ms. Daniels said the uncertainty of not knowing what’s next can be uncomfortable, but with the right attitude, online learning can provide students with invaluable experience.

“This is college and career readiness at its finest,” Ms. Daniels said. “To be able to go to school online and speak with your instructor. This is preparing them for life.”