PACE Campus Goes Phone Free

Students at PACE High School are doing something different this school year. Each morning, they place their cell phones in a lockable pouch and don’t get access to their phones again until the end of the eight-hour school day.

Yondr, an outside vendor, provides the lockable pouches students keep with them during the day. On their way out the door each afternoon, students Yonder Pouch unlock the pouches and retrieve their phones.

After some initial pushback, principal Tijuana Hudson said students are enjoying the focus they can give their studies. Her staff has noticed that rather than spending time scrolling on social media during the lunch hour, students are talking to each other.

PACE high school is looking to build upon its gains from the 2018-2019 school where the campus boosted its Student Achievement score from 68 to 81 and four-year graduation rate had double-digit gains from the previous school year.

Channel 8 featured the school's innovation on its newscasts last week.