Student Composes New District Phone Hold Music

Duncanville High School senior Demonde Bennett will be the first student ever to compose hold music for Duncanville ISD. His music will replace what has been to referred to as the old, outdated phone holding music used on office phones districtwide.  

As Demonde’s graphic design teacher was on hold with the district’s Technology department, he thought Demonde could create something better. So, he pitched the idea and the Technology team was on board.

Although Demonde had never created hold music before, he said he was up for the challenge because of the skills he’s learned in his teacher Clifford Reed’s audio/ video production and digital audio production classes. He’s been crafting his music composition skills since 10th grade and has worked his way up to advanced classes.

“At first, I had to sit for a minute because I didn’t know where to start. Usually when I make music, it’s a different culture than hold music or elevator music,” Demonde said. “I took the elevator music and wanted to make something new. I didn’t want it to be boring. I thought of pop music as hold music. You’ll probably dance when you listen to it.”

Mr. Reed was not surprised to hear that Demonde would be creating new district hold music, describing his student as someone who is always looking for new opportunities to grow.

“He’s grown because he enjoys it and doesn’t mind working on his craft,” Reed said. “He’s a great talent and a great student. He’s going to do his best work when presented with an opportunity.”

Creating hold music for the district also presented the chance to work with clients, something Mr. Reed strongly advocates.

“They get a great sense of what it’s like to work with clients in the real world. As an educator, I try to push them to interact with the clients on their own,” Reed said. “It’s just the student and the feedback. It helps them to grow and be better professionals.”

Demonde will be graduating this year and will attend the University of North Texas in the fall, but he said he’ll always remember this experience.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to make the hold music for the school [district]. I was overjoyed mainly because it made my mom proud. If she’s happy, I’m happy. ”