Students Win Big at District Science Fair Extravaganza

From solar energy to dog treats, there were 250 science projects on display at the annual district wide science fair extravaganza. Volunteers from the Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum of Nature and Science and Girls Scouts, to name a few, judged the projects from kindergarten through high school grade levels. 

Congratulations to all students who participated and placed. Below is a comprehensive list of winners from each grade level. 


Mrs. Barrera’s Class – “Healthy vs Less Healthy Snacks” (1st Place) Fairmeadows Elementary

Jose Raymundo – “The Insects” (2nd Place)

Addison Lopez – “Seashells” (3rd Place) Hasting Elementary

1st Grade

Mr. Barrera’s Class – “Do you really know how many solid particles are in bottled water” (1st Place) Fairmeadows Elementary

Mrs. Aguayo’s Class – “Explosion de Refrescos” (2nd Place) Bilhartz Elementary

Mrs. Rankin’s Class – “Fingerprints” (3rd Place) Bilhartz Elementary

2nd Grade

Jessica Ulloa – “Krakatoa, The Loudest Boom” (1st Place) Fairmeadows Elementary

Josiah King – “Anatomy” (2nd Place) Hyman Elementary

Makaya Harris-Woods – “Layers of the Earth” (3rd Place) Merrifield Elementary

3rd Grade

Nelek Gutowski -  “Four-Stroke Engine Cycle” (1st Place) Smith Elementary

Brisa Vega – “Life Cycle of a Sunflower” (2nd Place) Central Elementary

Camila Romero – “The Amazing Water Cycle” (3rd Place) Acton Elementary

4th Grade

Jacob Lazalde – “Do You Remember It” (1st Place) Hastings Elementary

Damian Rea – “All Legos on Deck” (2nd Place) Merrifield Elementary

Ian Gonzalez – “Let’s Break it Down” (3rd Place) Fairmeadows Elementary

5th Grade

Alaysia May – “The Chocolate Lovers” (1st Place) Hardin Intermediate

Bella Ramirez – “Dissolving Skittles” (2nd Place) Brandenburg Intermediate

Mikael Swoopes – “Let’s Break it Down” (3rd Place) Brandenburg Intermediate

6th Grade

Cairus Carson – “Heating Up with Solar Energy” (1st Place) Daniel Intermediate

Braylon Allen – “Penny Cleaner” (2nd Place) Brandenburg Intermediate

Mercielle Kasongo – “What’s in your baby diaper” (3rd Place) Brandenburg Intermediate

6th Grade STEAM Academy

Gabriel Goodgames – “Paw Some Pamper Kit” (1st Place)

Melena Esparza – “Recycled Solar Energy” (2nd Place)

Kiersten Brown – “Oh Say Can You See” (3rd Place)

7th Grade

Alexandria Alexander – “Plastic gets the wrap” (1st Place)  Byrd Middle

Sarahi Hernandez – “Can casein plastic without vinegar be made at home” (2nd Place) Byrd Middle

Eliava Clarke -  “Paws” – (3rd Place) Kennemer Middle

8th Grade

Ryder Ross & Mikah Corral – “Is Your Mouth Clean” (1st Place) Reed Middle

Lizbeth Vera – “5 Second Rule” (2nd Place) Reed Middle

Kyla Johnson – “Soap Science” (3rd Place) Byrd Middle


Candace Hawkins – Aquatic Science Classes

LaTasha Jones – Environmental Science Classes

Shelly Hinson-Cooper – Chemistry Classes

Leonard Baker – Physics Classes

Miranda McNeal – Chemistry Classes

Carlene Wilson – Environmental Science Classes