Board Summaries


The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees hosted a special meeting on July 15, 2020. Due to the current nationwide health pandemic, district facilities and schools remain closed and this meeting was conducted through video conferencing. A video recording of the meeting can be viewed using the following link - here.  During the meeting, the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees discussed the school reopening plan with the health as safety of our students and staff as a priority.

The board of trustees and the district reopening task force continues to evaluate the state of COVID-19 on a state and local level. The task force acknowledges the need to adapt to continuous change, drive down risks and protect the staff and students of the district. Data from national and local health experts, state updates from the Commissioner of Education and the feedback from district teachers, leaders and families are the driving force of the decision making process.

July 31 is Deadline to Select In-Person or Virtual Learning

Families will have to option to choose In-Person Learning or Virtual Learning for their students by Friday, July 31. The deadline gives Duncanville ISD adequate time to ensure teachers are assigned in each setting based on demand. Families who have not enrolled in the virtual program by July 31 will automatically be enrolled in in-person instruction.

In-Person Learning

Teachers will provide instruction in a classroom setting in person and students will attend school at their designated campus. Social distancing and safety guidelines will be enforced and monitored daily. While in person learning is being offered, the district is prepared to transition to virtual learning if necessary.

Virtual Learning

Students will receive daily virtual instruction from their teacher through a combination of live, teacher-led instruction and video instruction, virtual peer collaboration and independent learning activities. Technology devices will be available for students as needed. Parents or guardians have the option to transition from virtual to in-person instruction once a full nine weeks grading period had ended.

Counselors and social workers will be available for students who need social and emotional support.

Safety Procedures to Protect Students and Staff

The district has identified a list of top 10 way to keep our students and staff protected as part of the reopening plan. They are as follows:

1. Face coverings required for all

2. Daily health screenings and temperature checks

3. Quarantine plan for staff and students

4. Staff and student reporting actions

5. Hand Sanitizer Stations

6. Daily e-misting of campuses

7. Limited outside visitors

8. Limited intermixing of groups

9. Virtual staff and parent meetings

10. Counseling support for staff and students


More information will be provided to our district families and staff soon. You can also visit to see more details of our reopening plan or click here to see more of what was discussed during the board meeting.