Board Business Meeting Summary - 09/16/19

Every month the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees convenes a regular meeting to publicly address the business of the school district.

Every month the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees convenes a regular meeting to publicly address the business of the school district. Meetings are held at the Duncanville ISD Education Plaza (710 S. Cedar Ridge Drive). A highlight of board decisions at this month’s meeting on Monday, September 16, 2019 includes the following:

Duncanville High School Architectural Design Students Draft Their Future

Duncanville High School students in the Pathways in Technology, or P-Tech, program shared with the Board of Trustees their experience in gaining technical, soft skills and industry credentials in the field of architectural design. Students Alexis Solis and Jaxumy Frias shared their own experiences of working with industry leaders for valuable employment experience and business partnerships that give Duncanville High School students access to careers in architectural design upon graduation.

Made With Pride in Duncanville Honorees Recognized

This month’s Made with Pride in Duncanville honorees include student Christopher Thompson, Jr.; teacher Kali Meekins; and staff member Sgt. Mitchell Lambert.

Sgt. Mitchell Lambert, Kali Meekins, Trustee President Carla Fahey and Chris Thompson Christopher Thompson Jr. is a senior at Duncanville High School. He’s described as a true student-athlete. Chris takes that same dedication and commitment on the football field to the classroom. He has maintained a 3.9 GPA and is ranked 19 in a senior class of more than 1,000 students. Chris is also scheduled to graduate early to attend Auburn University in the spring of 2020 in an effort to get ahead in his college career. He’s also a mentor to youth in his community.

Kali Meekins is a third grade teacher at Fairmeadows Elementary School, where she brings a contagious, positive attitude to school and her classroom each day. She uplifts others and is a master at building relationships not only with students in her class, but students throughout the school. Ms. Meekins is an avid learner and has a growth mindset. She has high expectations for herself and others around her.

Duncanville ISD Police Sgt. Mitchell Lambert is a peace officer who understands the balance required to do his job well. He enforces the law while building positive relationships. He goes above and beyond to be accessible to employees, community members and students.  Sgt. Lambert is personable and easy to approach. He is extremely professional and detail-oriented. He truly cares about this school district, our staff and our students - and it shows.

To read more about the honorees, click here.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Dr. Marc Smith began his report with the collaboration between Duncanville ISD and the Texas Network for School Improvement (TXNSI). The goal is to improve eight grade math results for Latino, black and low-income students in North Texas. Last year, TXNSI members received professional learning on effective math teaching practices and were provided resources for instruction. Data from Byrd, Kennemer and Reed middle schools showed that more than 80 percent of students felt their understanding in math had improved, and STAAR scores earned double digit gains.

Duncanville ISD district and campus administration participated in an active shooter table top exercise on Sept. 12 to discuss roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency. The training was facilitated by the Regional Emergency Management Operations and members of the City of Duncanville also participated.


Aaliyhia Shillow, 2019 graduate, placed third in Impromptu Speaking. & Juniors Diana Reyes and Kelly Gutierrez placed first in nationals for their children’s literature book

Dr. Smith recognized Duncanville High School students in the Texas Association of Future Educators who attended the 2019 Educators Rising National Conference and Competition this summer in Dallas. Juniors Diana Reyes and Kelly Gutierrez (right photo) placed first in nationals for their children’s literature book they authored and illustrated. Aaliyhia Shillow (left photo), 2019 graduate, placed third in Impromptu Speaking. She is now a freshman at University of North Texas studying education.

Dr. Smith ended his report with recent celebrations happening in our schools, including Grandparents Day and Hispanic Heritage Month. Grandparents Day was on Sunday, Sept. 8, but elementary and intermediate schools celebrated throughout the week with breakfasts, lunches, photo booths and more. Hispanic Heritage Month is from Sept. 15 – Oct. 15 and Alexander Elementary and Hardin Intermediate schools have already started their celebrations by wearing traditional Mexican clothing and learning about the Hispanic culture.


Grandparents Day

Other Items

Approved minutes for the August 19 meeting

Approved financial report for the month of July

Approved budget amendments

Approved request to the Texas Education Agency for a maximum class size exception waiver

Approved ConnectTel contract for contract employees

Resolution to certify Dallas Central Appraisal District’s certified rolls for 2019

Resolution authorizing the city of Dallas to represent the Duncanville Independent School District in the matter of tax foreclosure sales by public or private sealed bid as authorized by section 34.05 of the Texas property tax code

Approved nomination to be considered for the Dallas Central Appraisal District Board of Directors

Approved affiliation agreement with the University of Tennessee

Approved curriculum management audit

Discussed campus climate survey results

Discussed TASB policy review services update

Discussed social and emotional learning update

Discussed annual child nutrition report

Discussed effective schools framework overview