Scholars Compete in District Science Fair

Students from every Duncanville ISD campus displayed germs, spiders and solar systems last Wednesday at the annual district science fair in Duncanville High School’s east cafeteria.

Students from every Duncanville ISD campus displayed germs, spiders and solar systems last Wednesday at the annual district science fair in Duncanville High School’s east cafeteria.

Volunteers from local organizations judged the 200 projects students created and selected winners from each grade level.

The volunteers came from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Texas Discovery Gardens, Black Girls Code, Girlstart, iFly Indoor Skydiving, Wipro Science Education Fellowship at the University of North Texas at Dallas, STEM Center of Excellence and UT Southwestern.

Congratulations to all students who participated. 


1st Place — Eliana G. Ramirez, Bilhartz Elementary School; Walking Rainbow    

2nd Place — Ms. Aguilar’s Class, Merrifield Elementary School; Rock Collection  

3rd Place — Ms. Sanchez’s Class, Bilhartz Elementary School; Tratarde evitar que una manzana cambie de color       

1st Grade                      

1st Place — Ms. Aguayo’s Class, Bilhartz Elementary School; Palomitas de Maiz

2nd Place — Rodriguez’s Class, Hyman Elementary School; Diente’s de Tiburon

3rd Place — Barrera’s Class, Fairmeadows Elementary School; Organic vs Non-Organic Bananas        

2nd Grade                      

1st Place — Kaliyah Mayes, Acton Elementary School; The Moon Lunar Cycle    

2nd Place — Kevin Hernandez, Fairmeadows Elementary School; It’s Rocket Science    

3rd Place — Martha Guzman, Fairmeadows Elementary School; Crystals

3rd Grade                              

1st Place — Jisaih King, Hyman Elementary School; Leaping Around       

2nd Place — Angel Sesmas, Merrifield Elementary School; Cycles of Sea Turtles

3rd Place — Jada Freeman, Central Elementary School; Convection Currents     

4th Grade                    

1st Place — Tatum Rios, Hastings Elementary School; Crazy Crystals     

2nd Place — Gael Martinez, Alexander Elementary School; Rethink Your Drink   

3rd Place — Milan Wiley, Central Elementary School; Gummy Exbeariment         

5th Grade                            

1st Place — Genesis Lucio, Brandenburg Intermediate School; Defying Gravity   

2nd Place — Eniola Adeyandju, Daniel Intermediate School; Sharpie Science      

3rd Place — Luis Ramirez, Brandenburg Intermediate School; Salt vs Ice 

6th Grade                              

1st Place — Sebastian Macias, Hardin Intermediate School; What’s Poppin          

2nd Place — Justin Green, Brandenburg Intermediate School; Does Tea and other beverages stain our teeth? 

3rd Place — J’Coryan Rivers, Brandenburg Intermediate School; Thermodynamics         

7th Grade                              

1st Place — Christian Ishida, Reed Middle School; Dirty Teeth      

2nd Place — Braylin Johnson, Kennemer Middle School; Hungry, Hungry Worms

3rd Place — Natalie Moreno, Reed Middle School; How do sugary drinks affect the teeth?          

STEAM Academy at Kennemer Middle School -  6th/7th Grade                        

1st Place — Gabrielle Davie; Cool Wave     

2nd Place — Kiersten Brown; All Weather Track Spike Covers      

3rd Place — Audrey Edwards; The Toaster Buddy  

8th Grade                              

1st Place — John Matthews, Byrd Middle School; Purification        

2nd Place — Maurion Johnson, Kennemer Middle School; Can you hear me now?          

3rd Place — Haily Morrow, Kennemer Middle School; How do dogs react to different types of music?    

Duncanville High School                            

1st Place — Richel Seiko Murata; Bioinspired Redox-Active Cu (Copper) Complexes with Tunable Hydrogen Intermolecular Bonding Interaction