Janet Veracruz

Trustee Veracruz: Love of Service Builds a Legacy for Family and Community


Janet Veracruz believes in building a legacy of service for her family and others she meets. As the first Hispanic woman to serve on the Duncanville ISD school board, she represents servant leadership in action and continues to pave the way for Hispanic women.

“What legacy do you want to leave your kids?” Mrs. Veracruz asked. “The one thing that runs deep in my heart is to have a legacy of serving others before yourself. It’s monumental so generations that follow can mirror it.”

Mrs. Veracruz said she was inspired by other women who pushed her to try new career choices she may not have considered, and she’s grateful to have been surrounded by encouraging women.

Mrs. Veracruz started her career in education as a paraprofessional at Hyman Elementary School. After watching her teach a class as a substitute, the principal at the time, Vicki Harper, encouraged Mrs. Veracruz to return to college to earn her teaching certification. 

During this time, her husband, Joe Veracruz, was deployed in Afghanistan as a member of the Air National Guard and she was raising their children. With her husband serving in the military, Mrs. Veracruz questioned whether she could handle school, work, and motherhood all at once.

“So I signed up for the University of North Texas and did it semester by semester,” Ms. Veracruz said. “I enjoyed taking courses, such as psychology and humanity, and wrapped with a 4.0 [grade point average].”

“It fell on my heart to serve, so I decided to do it,” she said. “We owe it to ourselves to take the risk and believe. Don’t ever look back and regret not taking a chance.”

Mrs. Veracruz was part of the first generation in her family to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree. She taught at a private school for 12 years, and during her tenure, she was named Teacher of the Year three times. She retired in 2019.

Now her service continues in schools but as a school board member.

“It’s good to sit amongst team members who are driven by the same passion to see students succeed,” Mrs. Veracruz said about her fellow trustees. “We have different backgrounds and are so diverse, but we are still unified with the same mission.”

Mrs. Veracruz said she loves the school district motto, ‘Writing Success Stories, One Student at a Time,’ because it speaks to all students and meeting each of their needs, wherever they are.

“It doesn’t matter your zip code. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or your background,” Mrs. Veracruz said. “It’s about your willingness to serve others and be an encouragement.”

Mrs. Veracruz and her husband have two adult children Marcus and Mariah. Marcus and his wife Macie have two children.